While I've got your attention, perhaps I should say a few things about myself (but, ahh, where to begin).

For starters, I am not much of a "journaler" by nature. I don't seem to have the stamina for it. (I am also the type of person who frequently and incessantly talks oneself out of things.) However, I am working to change that with this here DW account!

As for real facts about me, well, you've come to the wrong place. I'm sensitive about my age, given that my mindset and mentality feel more ageless than anything else. (You're welcome to try guessing at it, but I more than likely won't let on if you're correct or not.) I am perhaps even more sensitive about my given name. In short: I despise it. I don't go by it except at work, and even then only because I wasn't quick enough to head it off. I've yet to find a name that suits me and so, for now, remain relatively nameless (which is both good and bad). I'm gender-fluid, but have as of yet to figure out how to explain that to most people in real life. I have a wonderful girlfriend, [personal profile] fawkesfires, with whom I live. We have three beautiful feline children who all enjoy the exact same hobbies: eating, sleeping, and making typing generally impossible for us.

My interests are outlined in brief in my profile, but for the most part I will be ranting (and/or raving) about a few particular things:

  • Video games (particularly more "retro" things from the '90s)

  • SHINee (and other manufactured K-pop groups Icannothelpit)

  • Work (but who doesn't?)

  • Stupidity (both mine and that of others)
  • Language

That last one is perhaps the most particularly important, as I, some day in a hopefully not-too-distant future, would like to start doing some freelance translation work. Additionally, I just simply and flat-out adore languages. If you speak a language other than English, I'd love to learn some vocabulary from you! (As a related aside, I am currently very interested in gaining a Francophone penpal who, ideally, is interested in gaining and Anglophone penpal to practise with. Though forgive my sub-par French at first, s'il vous plaît!)

Well, dearest Reader, if I've not bored you to tears or sent you off screaming, yet, I would be delighted to find a comment notification awaiting me. Well, unless it's mean. Nobody likes mean comments.


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floatboth: (Default)

From: [personal profile] floatboth

Oh, hello. I'm sensitive about my age too. And never posted a photo of myself on the internet. Name… well, it's too late to make up a pseudonym. I'm still mad about privacy, even though I'm a white straight man. (If you read feminist blogs, you understand what I mean!)
dratinis: Videogame Visual @ LJ (Default)

From: [personal profile] dratinis

Hi! I came over here from [community profile] addme . You sound like a cool person, and I'm always up to getting to know people who are language enthusiasts (I'm hoping to become a translator myself).

Also, my French sucks and I'm sure you're a lot better at it than you think you are!

From: [personal profile] hebinekohime

You sound like an interesting sort and there's some overlap in what we're interested in (gender, veganism, nineties retro games). Added!

I can relate to being sensitive about your age/name; I'm age-fluid myself and find my given name kind of awkward.

(As far as languages, I have a passing interest in Japanese but I'm absolutely terrible at it... 私の日本語はひどいですよ)
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